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are getting married

JULY 22nd , 2023



RSVP within:



After meeting online in January 2013 we didn't meet in person until May 10th, 2013 when we spent a romantic weekend in Stockholm together. The sun was shining and everything was perfect.

We dated over a couple of years before moving in together in Stockholm. Throughout the years, we have always lived by the words "alltid retar det någon" translated to "someone will always be annoyed". Therefor this is the motto on our family crest. 

Oskar proposed in September 2018, on our 5 year anniversary and Jonas accepted without a doubt!

The wedding was planned for July 2020, but when the pandemic hit, the plans had to be changed. 

We got married on the 18th of July 2020 in Hagaparken in Stockholm. But now, finally, we can go through with the party and ceremony!

We look forward to share this day with you!

Our Story

The Wedding



Date: July 22nd

Time: 2 pm

Church: Skokloster

Venue: Ekolsunds
Slott och Wärdshus


Dresscode: Formal (but chique)

With pants:

You are given the option between tuxedo or suit. 

Don't be afraid to play with colorspatterns and accessories if that's your thing!

Without pants:

You can wear a full length gown or a fancy cocktaildress.

Don't be afraid to play with colors, patterns and accessories.

Also, there will be no bride at this wedding, so feel free to re-wear your own wedding dress if you like.  

The Wedding
JPEG-bild 4.jpeg

Getting there


The are busses leaving from Stockholm City Center at 12.30, Saturday the 22nd. They will arrive at the church around 13.30-13.45 and after the ceremoni take you to the venue for dinner and dancing.

The busses will also take you back to Stockholm City Center at 2.30 at night, after the party is over.

The rate for the bus is SEK 700 per person.

If you want a spot on the bus, let us know when you RSVP.

(If you are stying at the castle, there is no transportation

to/from the church)


There are rooms available at the castle from 1 to 4 people/room.We recommend you stay with us at the venue Friday-Sunday to get the most out of the weekend!

There are 2 types of rooms. Deluxe and Budget.


Price per person in Deluxe:

SEK 1125:-/night incl. breakfast


Price for extra person in room (when 3-4 ppl share room):

SEK 800:-/night incl. breakfast



Price per person in Budget:

SEK 900:-/night incl. breakfast


Some rooms are located in a nearby building with shared bathrooms.


If you want to spend the weekend with us, let us know when you RSVP. We´ll then, when RSVP is closed, confirm the reservation if possible.

For those of you who stay from Friday, it will be possible to book a buffet dinner for Friday evening at a cost of SEK 325/person.

(If you are stying at the castle, there is no transportation

to/from the church)

Getting There
JPEG-bild 5.jpeg

Want to give a toast?

Our fabulous Toast Madame is Karin Funk, the lovely amazon lady who entertains people for a living.

If you are interested in giving a toast, or perform, during the evening, let her know in an email by clicking the button below. 



We hope you can come and celebrate our love with us!

When you RSVP, don't forget to let us know the following:

Will you attend our wedding?

Will you attend the dinner and party?

Will you want ot stay over?

(How many people? How many nights? What room category?)

Will you want a seat on the Bus?


We love children, but for this occasion, they will have more fun at home.

Please RSVP before March 31st 2023.

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